A true Session Manager

Limit parallel logins, visualize user sessions and frontend login management. 

With the WordPress Session Manager plugin you can see how many times a user is logged in, set a sitewide limit and give users the option to manage their sessions on their own.
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Finally a plugin to secure your contents

Increase your revenue by prohibiting unlimited user logins

You have spent hours on making your content truly unique? Then it is finally time to protect your online platform from unlimited user logins. Set a sitewide session limit and increase your revenue by avoiding account abuse.
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We are commited to develop a high quality WordPress plugin. Our Session Manager plugin helps you increasing revenue on your academies and learning platforms


Get access to advanced session management features like limiting the maximum allowed sessions, user notifications and various plugin integrations




Use our free version and see who is logged in with how many sessions. Also get access to the frontend ajax table, so your users can monitor their sessions too.

Packed with features

Session Manager is packed with useful features to help you and your users to manage user sessions/logins

Admin overview

See and search all sessions at once. See at a glance which user, browser, IP or operating system has the most logins


Allow users to manage their sessions by themselves either with an ajax form or via e-mail

Limit parallel logins

Set a maximum of parallel logins and avoid account abuse.


Adjust texts, colors and even the complete layout inside your theme.

Integrate it your way

A simple API allows to integrate the locking mechanism however you need it.
See API Example

User notifications

Get notified, when someone loggs in with your account.
Coming soon

Protect your contents

Not only protect your contents, but your whole site if the session limit is reached.

Per user login limit

Set a maximum of parallel logins on a per user level. Allows you to sell additional logins.
February 27, 2021
Block multiple WordPress logins to avoid account abuse

Learn how to protect your WordPress contents from multiple logins with the Session Manager Plugin

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Sure, we are very proud about every singel customer. We reward your loyalty with a 30% discount on renewals.

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If you have a valid licence, you will get support via [email protected]

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